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06 January 2010 @ 01:10 am
 Yeah, I am on fire tonight.

Livejournal might get sick of me and all of my entries :D 
It's rare that I have such a great night and even more rare that I am THIS excited about so many things in the same time!!! :D

So here we go.
My friends and I have a little club for those who love the music that we love. Currently in this club is: Megan (lacunaclaudia), Claudia (xtaintedsongx), Rita (Rita1516) and Natalie (foxyfreds), which means that our music taste ROCKS. It doesnt mean that yours is bad, but we just think that these bands RULE the world!!! *sigh*

Now sit back and enjoy these musical geniuses.

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05 January 2010 @ 11:44 pm
 Heey! :)

So we all know that I am a Vampire-freak!
Yeah, I love vampires. I love them, all of them. Well, those that I define as vampires anyway :D
So I was in the cinema today with my sisters and we watched "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus". It was a good movie, but I was expecting much more. the acting was great, and the story had huge potential. It was a good story, but the execution was not really what I have expected. Anyway, this is not my point! 

So before the movie started of course there are a lot of other movie-trailers and I saw this awesome trailer for a movie that's coming VERY soon in the US. It's about *drum-roll* YES, VAMPIRES!!!
Here you go:

Do you see why I am excited about it? 
1. These vampires are finally some REAL badass dark and reckless vampires. 
2. There is an interesting very Vampire storyline!
3. The vampires do not sparkle in the sun like Edward Cullen!!! YAY and thank God for that. 
4. This reminds me a little of "Underworld" - oh that awesomeness of dark fantasy! *thud*

So, please, tell me what you think of it? Do you want to watch it when it comes out in the Cinemas? 
I am definitely going to!!! :D 

And after watching the trailer and listening to the awesome song in it, I wanted to share the song with you all. 

Did you like the song or is it not your cup of tea? It's okay if it isnt, but I thought the lyrics are really great. :)

And in my crazy vampire mood I listened to a lot of "dark" rock music and I thought that all of my friends should too :D ;)

- Within Temptation "Stand my Ground"
This song has this "gothic" tone and feeling about it that I love very much. And it also reminds me of Underworld :)

I hope you liked the videos, or some of them at least :D

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It's that time again.

Yes, Lala is going to rant, but this time it wont be as bad as last time. 
Because today's rant is about Stefan/Elena and not the other pairing with the witch-bitch. 

So ... What's up with Stefan and Elena? 
Awww, they're so cute, arent they? Well, they may be cute - too cute to be true. 

Stefan and Elena were from the beginning of the show "THE couple", and it was not only shown clearly but nearly shoved in our faces from episode 1. 

My problem with Stefan/Elena is simple - they are way too rushed to be a true real couple who capture my attention and my shipper-heart. Beside that they are just the regular normal couple - with the exception that Stefan is a vampire. That fact alone doesnt make this pairing special to me. The vampire in this relationship is not so vampire-ish. He hates being a vampire, he doesnt want to be a vampire, so he spends his days and nights brooding and reminding himself of the horrible fate that he has forever. He sees himself as an awful monster and these things dont make me go "awwwww - what a sweet cute vampire."

All that makes me go " What the heck is wrong with your vampirism?"

A vampire - in my opnion- is a hot badass who doesnt give a shit about anything or anyone but himself/herself and the few people/vampires he/she cares about and loves. Being a vampire makes your whole nature different. You wont be as caring and loving as a human being, and that's just a fact. 

Yeah, sure, vampires are fictional creatures and therefore any author to do what they want with their own vampires. BUT this doesnt mean that you are allowed to KILL the essense of vampirism, of being a vampire. It's not interesting to me to see how a nice sweet vampire can cope with his human surroundings as it is for me to see how a REAL badass vampire, a murderer, can discover that he may be a little human behind all the darkness that surrounds a vampire. Or how a vampire can be all that a vampire can be, cruel and vicious and powerful and actually LIKE it, but also show a tender side sometimes. 

I like my fantasy to be dark and mysterious without it being sweet and cute. I got that in real life and in drama, and in comedy and in all other movies/TV-shows. So when I go to Dark Fantasy like Vampires, Witches & Wizards, Dragons or whatever awesome things that the fantasy genre has for me, I am looking for a new world with other rules and creatures with other natures than our, not for some sugar-sweet love story. I am all for love and romance in fantasy - heck I LOVE it, but it has to be done the right way, the fantasy way, the darker way. In other words - Please dont feed me sugar and syrup while I am reading / watching Fantasy. Dont ruin the most amazing genre in litterature/TV.

Back to Stefan and Elena. I just dont buy the whole 'they connect on a higher level' bullshit. Sorry, but I just dont. I want to SEE, READ or FEEL what they feel for each other, why they feel that way, or feel the "higher" meaning or "higher level". And if a pairing or a couple cant deliver that to the readers or viewers, I can fairly say that they failed as a couple. 

Having said that, it doesnt mean that I dont understand why some people like them. I mean, yeah they are like any other couple on a happy cloud who are all sweet and lovey-dovey most of the time, that is cute to some extent. But I want more from my OTP. This is not enough for me. And having Elena brand her and Stefan's relationship as EPIC in the 2nd episode of the show just ruined them for me FOREVER. Yes, I am never ever going to ship or like Stefan/Elena together. I dont hate it, but I certainly dont like it. 

Epic is a big word and I dont think Elena OR Stefan were right when they called their relationship or talks epic. they should take it one step at a time. Sharing your first kiss in episode number 2 when you have just met each other is also a No-No! 
Again, where did it all come from? WHAT is there between you lovebirds? I have tried to see it, but I cant. 

And after discussing this with Stefan/Elena fans all they seem to tell me is that "Stefan and Elena are like soulmates, they complete each other and they love each other to death. They would die for one another and they are just perfect for each other. Stefan would not love any other woman than Elena and the same with Elena." 

Well, okay. Fair enough. All that is just beuatiful words about them. But you didnt give me any REASON to why they are so perfect together. Why do their love go so deep inside them? Soulmates? Maybe, but they just met each other. They gotta get to know each other before calling them big names as epic and soulmates. Maybe LJ Smith, in her fictional world and in her books, made Elena and Stefan madly in love with each other immediately from the start and maybe it IS true that Stefan and Elena wont love any other person than the other, but then again where did it all come from? WHY? 

All the cheesy lines they say to each other on he show - TURN OFF for me. I dont like it. We all need some cheesiness from time to time, but I dont need it all the time. 

Maybe I seem like a cold-hearted and cynical bitch saying all these things, but trust me I am not. lol. Far from. I am a sucker for love and falling in love. But I have higher standards to what is believable and engaging. I need to feel myself REALLY  wishing for these two people to get together, and I need to feel myself irritated/feel sad for them if they are hurting because they cant be together if they love each other so much. I have to be engaged in their love before I can love them as a couple. 

Time for titles from Fanforum ;)

This one is from the books. (I like the books, but they're really cheesy sometimes): 
1. "They were really one at heart, one soul" - Elena Gilbert.

Elena said/thought this in the books, but I didnt say that I loved everything that comes out of Elena Gilbert's mouth or mind. lol.

That is extremely cheesy, especially after getting with Stefan with almost no build-up.

I dont feel like laughing at anymore titles tonight, especially because I dont hate Stefan/Elena with a passion burning like a thousand suns as I do another pairing on TVD ;)

I have tried to keep Damon out of this entry, and I think I managed. But wait for other entries with essays and essays of why I LOVE Damon/Elena so damn much.

Until then, have fun and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :)

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 Hello everyone...

I hope you all remember my post from last week that started the Damon/Elena revolution

Well now I will not give up or anything, but I have changed the strategy. Now I know that the starting place I chose was wrong. 
The CW board is possibly the worst forum/board ever. 
The people who go there have no respect for anyone else's opinion, which results in very infuriating comments about Damon/Elena, bashing them mostly. It actually made me really negative about the whole thing and a little pessimistic. 

But fear no more!
The new plan is to spread the Damon/Elena love everywhere else. We have a lot of options. There is youtube, facebook, LiveJournal, Fanforum.com, Fanfiction.net, Vampire-diaries.net and whereever else you would like.

When I go to Youtube and watch a scene between Damon and Elena and Stefan, I cant believe how many positive Damon/Elena comments there is. There are a LOT of people out there who love them together, but they dont go to forums or LJ communities or anything like it. 

And there are also a lot of people who are open to any possibilty on the show. We have to convince them that Damon/Elena rock all the other couples. That can be done with Videos, comments on videos/scenes/clips, fanficion stories, civil and polite discussions about why we love Damon & Elena together so much. You dont need to do much really. All of us go to youtube to watch videos and comment on them, we can all write an entry on our LJ or vote in a poll, and we can spread the word. :)

This forum is a very laid-back forum that allows people to discuss the books and the show without going all crazy on each other. It's a great place. But it's not for MAJOR fangirling either ;) 

If you want to fangirl, you have Fanforum: 
www.fanforum.com and the Damon/Elena thread on the VD board: www.fanforum.com/f328

The Damon/Elena group on facebook : 

Youtube clips where there is a good Damon/Elena discussion/comments going on:

And before I forget, I KNOW that all of you know about this poll, but I feel the need to remind all of you about it AGAIN, because it would be awesome to be a little higher up in the poll ;) And please spread the word among your friends to vote for DE :D


These are the orders now! :P
Just joking ;) Have fun ...

So now I expect to see a lot of DE love going on everywhere I go ;)

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27 December 2009 @ 07:19 pm

Yes, I am posting and posting and there's no stopping me! ;)

This is another "Please vote for Damon/Elena" post. 
This is the Portrait magazine poll for the most popular young couples on TV. 

Right now, Damon/Elena are on number 13!!! That is freaking EXCELLENT for a couple that have not been linked in any romantic way at all yet. A couple where the girl despises and hates by the guy, where she has slapped him twice and is right now very mad and angry with him. *sigh*

Damon and Elena have worked their magic on everyone! :D

My goal is now to bring them a spot in the TOP 10 of this poll, because then they will have a mention in the TOP 10 article when the poll is over.
So VOTE VOTE VOOOOTE and please spread the word to your DE shipper friends. And if you can, please dont spread the word to people who might want to vote for another couple (Stefan/Elena) JUST to bring Damon/Elena down. 

Thank you everyone. And here is the link:

P.S: Dont forget to vote on the CW too : lounge.cwtv.com/showthread.php

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Heey :)

Apparently I am Elena Gilbert. So hopefully that means that Elena will jump Damon Salvatore at the first given chance now! :D

Try it and tell me who you get! :D

26 December 2009 @ 02:25 am
 So I have always been repeating this over and over again, but I will say it again.
You cant call a couple epic when they have not been through a great deal together or if they dont have a story behind them. 

The word Epic is a heavy word. It's a big word and for a couple to be able to bear this word it has to be strong and have some strength to bear it. 

Stefan/Elena on the Vampire Diaries have been called epic by both Elena and Stefan in the second episode of the show. Well that is both riddiculous and cheapening the word itself. And I dont think that is fair. 

Now I have a ship that can be called epic, and no one can deny it whether they want or not, because after everything they have been through, they can be called epic! They have fought everything and everyone including themselves to be with each other and to love each other. They have had so many amazing scenes that I seriously dont know what to pick to put in this post, but I will try. 

See the epicness startCollapse )
25 December 2009 @ 01:08 pm
 Hi everyone... 

I have just decided that I want to start and lead the Damon/Elena (Delena) revolution. Whatever is needed for our ship to be heard, I will do it and I need as many of you as possible to help me with this cause. 

I believe in Delena so strongly that I need to show the world how awesome and right they are. But I cant do this alone.

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23 December 2009 @ 11:30 pm
 Hey everyone...

In the Damon/Elena thread on Fanforum we were having a secret santa christmas gift exchange, and this is what I got.
It is a video about (duh!) Damon & Elena with the song "Breathe" by Michelle Branch.

I LOVE this video, and I hope you do too. Please tell me your thoughts ;)
It's made by my lovely girl Claudia (xtaintedsongx). Thank you bb! *kiss*

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22 December 2009 @ 01:28 am
Yes, you can all sigh in frustration and throw your arms up in the air and shake your heads, but here is another music post. Because music ROCKS!!! :D

One of my favorite bands ever is The Fray, and at the moments I am listening to this song non-stop:
"Never say Never":

'You can never say never'

'Picture you're the queen of everything, as far as the eye can see. Under your command I will be your guardian'

Another very good and promising band is The Script.
They are immensely talented.

"Break Even":

'Cause when a heart breaks, no it dont break even'
'What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you? I'm falling to pieces'

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