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4 December
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I am Lala, I know, it's a funny name. But it's not my real name. It's a very cute (I would like to think, at least) petname I got from one of my good friends.
I am 20 years old, and live in Denmark. It's a wonderful country. I study at Copenhagen University, I'm almost done with my 2nd year.

I watch a bunch of TV shows, and I love it. My favorite shows are:

- Supernatural (Dean/Jo)
Yeah you read right! I know she's dead. But she died for him. And I always hoped they would end up together, but... no cursing the very sexist Supernatural-fandom!...

- Vampire Diaries (Damon/Elena)
If you dont know why I freaking LOVE these two, then something must be wrong with you. Damon & Elena are PERFECTION. I have an entry in my journal discussing WHY they are. :)

- Grey's anatomy (Alex/Izzie)
You just cant stop the love between these two. They're perfect for each other. Alex has nobody but Izzie and he would die for her.

- Gossip Girl (Chuck/Blair)
Because: Three words, eight letters. Say it and I'm yours. EPIC!
They have got to be one of the most amazing couples on a TV show EVER.

- How I met your Mother (Barney/Robin)
Because they're both so badass and cute :)

- Bones (Booth/Brennan)
Because it is REALLY about time!

-F.R.I.E.N.D.S (Chandler/Monica) and (Ross/Rachel)
Cuteness overload <3

And I love American Idol and the X-factor (UK) as well.
I am thrilled, that Kris Allen won Americal idol 2009. He has a beautiful voice, and I just love listening to him, although I think Adam Lambert deserved the title as much as Kris did. He is an amazing artist and performer. I still rooted for Kris though ;)
Other than that, I love football (soccer, if you're American). I support Liverpool FC (England), FC Barcelona (Spain) and Brøndby IF (Denmark). I enjoy watching good football generally =).

My other hobby is reading. Reading books is for me absolutely amazing. I like different genres in books.
- Fantasy : amongst many others I love Harry Potter(Harry/Ginny)
- Science Fiction
- Thrillers
- Novels in gerneral

The last hobby I want to tell you about is watching movies.
i love it :)
- Action movies
- Fantasy / Adventure
- Science fiction
- Drama
- Comedy
- Romantic comedies
I have a lot of movies that I love, so I wont even bother mentioning them, hehe =D.

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